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Tuesday, 7 February 2012


hye my dear ,
sorry i dh lame sngat ta update blog ..
skunk spm year so bz skit laa ...
so i jarang sngat on9 , law on9 un time2 cuti2 jewp .. :)
tuh un law i rajin la na on9 .. hehe .. :)

keyh la i na suh korang layan lagu neyh jap ..
tuh un kalu korang na layan la kan .. hehehe ..
keyh la .. lagu neyh i na ksi kat mmbe2 i yg rapat n yg knal i .. :)
ta kire la laki ke prmpuan ke,
tpy yg pling rapat nan i (SENYONYON )
i sayang korang rapat2 ... mwaahhh mwaahhxx

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