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Monday, 11 June 2012

happy beday dear .. :)

hyee, lame gile ta post somethng kat sniee .. adoyy ...
okie, today ade mse skit i nak post beday wish to my bestie .. :)

happy beday fatiensie.. :)
may god bless u dear .. 
n gud luck 4 ur spm thiz year ... :)

as my bestfriend, you are ... 
B - benevolent
E - entertaining
S - soulful
T - talented
B - blessed
U - unique
D - dashing 
D - determined 
Y - youthful 
Here's wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! =)

sorry lambt wish... bru on blogg rie nie .. sorry sngat2 dear ... 
smlm tak on so ta smpat nak wish .. :)


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